Run For Office

Thank you for your interest in running for office as a Libertarian. Every election cycle, the Libertarian Party has hundreds of candidates on ballots across America. By running for office, you give liberty a voice and voters a choice. Here is some basic information to help get you started:

Step 1: Register to vote as member of the Libertarian Party of Florida!

Step 2: Get involved with your local affiliates! Contact your state party and/or county party by email or phone.

Step 3: Learn the process for filing for your candidacy. Contact the Florida Supervisor of Elections for more information about local rules.

Step 4: Determine what kind of candidate you wish to be and contact the Candidates Committee with what office and what type of campaign you have in mind. (See graphic below.)

Ready to run for office? Fill out this form to get started:

Run for Office

If you have questions, email