Florida Legislature Passes Huge Tax Increase

April 09, 2021
Contact: Steven Nekhaila,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida
844-FLA-FREE (352-3733)

KEY WEST, Fla. – Although they called it a “tax reduction,” the Florida Legislature overwhelmingly approved legislation this week to begin new sales tax collections for out-of-state online sales to Floridians. As a result, we will pay 6 percent on items we buy over the internet if Gov. Ron DeSantis signs the bill.

According to a legislative analysis, the proposal would increase state revenue by $1.3 billion annually by requiring online vendors to collect Florida sales taxes. That is no reduction. It follows on the coattails of the estimated $3 billion state budget shortfall created by the forced economy shutdowns amid the COVID-19 scare.

The legislation was endorsed by Associated Industries of Florida, the Florida League of Cities, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, and others, including Amazon. Floridians have paid sales taxes on Amazon purchases since 2014 when the state brokered sweetheart tax-break deals with the retail giant to plant distribution centers throughout the state. Florida is one of the last two states who charge sales taxes but did not charge them on out-of-state sales.

LPF Activist Chris Rose appeared before the Florida House Commerce Committee last week on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Florida opposing the legislation. Rose called the measure “the largest tax hike in our lifetime.” Committee members responded to Rose, calling it a “tax cut.” Their logic was online merchants do not have to collect taxes when they sell to Florida residents yet Florida “brick and mortar” retailers must collect sales tax at the time of sales.

A last-minute attempt by Sen. Gary Farmer (D – Broward) to reduce state taxes from 6 percent to 5.75 percent was defeated. “We tried to do a tax break for the working class, for the little guy & gal….but my Republican colleagues – who normally lust over tax cuts – voted no.  Things that make you go hmmmm….,” Farmer Tweeted after the vote.

The bill is now going to Gov. Ron DeSantis includes no such breaks for the state’s retail customers.

The LPF has always stood steadfast against any taxation whether wrapped in online sales or not. In its Platform, the LPF declares “The State of Florida has levied enough taxes on its citizens and trade partners, as such, no new taxes ought to be levied for new government projects. New projects must be funded from existing revenues by reducing inefficiencies or cutting current spending.”

Historically, public taxation was used by the government to pay for roads and bridges, and other public resources. In Florida, sales taxes became one of the main sources of income for all government operations. Online vendors use no Florida infrastructure or other state resources. The state does not provide residents’ internet or their devices to access those stores.

The fairness argument is also thin because both online and local retailers may charge the same price if they choose. Paying a sales tax is little challenge for buyers who want immediate possession of the good or service. Online purchases require time and often, shipping charges which can exceed the state’s 6 percent tax rate.

The Libertarian Party of Florida encourages DeSantis to oppose this new dive into Floridian’s pockets.

– By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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The concept of personal responsibility has escaped power hungry politicians Matt Gaetz and President Joe Biden.

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They aren’t republicans, they’re rinos

Why does this admin simp so hard for big tech?

But social media companies aren't abiding by the tenants of section 230. They were immune as long as they were unbiased. They're clearly biased do they shouldn't be immune.

Is it responsible corporate behavior to sow discourse and deceive a population on a grand scale with the intent of undermining a governing document? This is the new war as long as you continue to preach anarchy your not helping. How are you giving corporation libertarian type rights that are not keeping libertarian recognized type rights? Government is evil yes we all know this but it is supposed to be a tool of the people to have control over their wellbeing. If a corporation is using their power to undermine a nations governing document then it’s the patriotic duty of the people to remove such abilities of such a corporation. The fiat has enabled this to become common place in America and this libertarian feed seems to be the psy ops branch of those corporations who wish to flourish under such circumstances. Which will inevitably lead to the end of our constitution. Keep it real we cannot move forward as a country as long as we have a fiat currency. All these refugees are fleeing fiat member countries. The only reason they come here is for the free stuff don’t let em fool ya. It’s not the freedom it’s the free stuff.

Dogmatic Libertarianism doesn’t work. The elite left is going to stomp us if someone doesn’t do a Teddy Roosevelt on them.

Facebook is pandering around the world to anyone with a checkbook. This is unconstitutional. They should not be operating in China Russia South America Korea Iraq it goes on and on Then they come back to America and we’re supposed to believe their not picking and choosing who can and cannot post in a publicly traded company and you people on here are defending this. You have to be kidding me right now is this feed for liberty or what? As long as fiat currencies rule the world we will never have true liberty. Everything everyone does is at the behest of a globalist banker as long as they continue to operate under the fiat system. And your on here like your doing something calling out the delivery guys of the fiat when you should be attacking the business owners of the fiat. These fools didn’t sign us up for global banking and loose all our gold and independence.

More ignorant comments on 230 from people who don't understand it, or the court rulings involving it. If platforms are going to act as a publisher, they should be able to be liable.

They support killing. Just pass a law. Fine upstanding Christians.

Way to manipulate context there.Gaetz doesn't want 230 repealed to sue big tech for users' content.He wants it repealed to sue big tech for censoring user content.See the difference? Words are important. #Lolbertariansgonnalol

Amend Section 230 and stop allowing corporatism to destroy the internet...

I wish Facebook had a triple ‘like’ button for this. So good.

Gaetz doesn't care about lawsuits, he cares about a "platform" acting like a platform, not like editors who pick and choose according to their personal views. Big Tech does not deserve special treatment.

How about Hammers. Should we hold companies that make Hammers responsible for the people who buy Hammers who hurt other people with theses Hammers. What about any other products you buy should they be held responsible because of consumer misuse. Now Fakebook that's a whole other monster. Defund Fakebook and stop comparing Matt Gaetz to Adolf Biden

Section 230 isn't libertarian. People should be allowed to sue (and likely lose).

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