MLK Day Parade Turns Sour for Columbia County LPF Candidate


January 21, 2020

Contact: Kyle Green,
Candidate, Columbia County District 1

Contact: Steven Nekhaila,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

Kyle Green, Candidate for Columbia County District 1


Lake City, Fla. – When LPF Colombia County Commission Candidate Kyle Green arrived at the start of Lake City’s Martin Luther King Day Parade Monday morning, the last thing he expected was being accosted by his opponent’s wife. But that’s what he found.

“I wanted to be in the parade to show my civic pride,“ said Green, a Lake City salesman. “So many politicians show up to these events only to get votes. I wanted the public to know I care their community and Dr. King’s message.”

Green said soon after moving into position in his truck bearing his Vote Kyle Green for County Commissioner for District 1 “Breaking Barriers, Building Futures” sign, a man approached him questioning the sign. In a video of the confrontation, Green responds “It says ‘for county commissioner,’ it means I’m running for county commission.” “Oh,” the man said and walked away.

But after the man conferred with several people nearby, they began raising their voices. When Green asked about their concern, one woman is heard to say “It is a big issue because you’re not county commissioner of District 1.” The woman was Gwen Williams, wife of Green’s incumbent opponent Ron Williams. “I don’t give a damn if it says ‘to county commissioner, it is misleading.”

It is Mrs. Williams who sought to mislead. Florida Statute 106.143 clearly states that a non-incumbent, non-partisan candidate must use the word “for” and may not use the word “re-elect:”

Additionally, such advertisement must include the word “for” between the candidate’s name and the office for which the candidate is running, in order that incumbency is not implied.

Green said when he’d applied for the parade permit, he made it clear he was appearing as a candidate. His application was approved. Although Ron Williams later told the Lake City Reporter political advertising was not allowed in the parade, Green said he was never informed of that when his application was approved.

Green said it was obvious Mrs Reynolds wished to politicize an apolitical event. “It was clear she was unhappy to see an opponent.

Green says yesterday’s confrontation illustrates how out of touch local commissioners are with the public. Each commission district has a budget carry-over which is often used to curry favor with voters – and not respond to public need.  Williams supports increasing restrictions against firearm ownership and even gun seizures. “I’ve a had a lot of folks come up to me who said they used to support him, but now they support me because of that.”

Green is one of the leaders in Columbia County, along with Libertarian Party of Florida At-Large Director Davie Parish, seeking Columbia County to be declared an “A-2 Sanctuary” county to protect rightful gun ownership. Other campaign planks include cannabis decriminalization and local business development.

Green can be reached on Facebook @Kyle Green for Columbia County Commissioner, District 1 or the web at Green’s Facebook page includes Monday’s entire confrontation.

– By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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