LPF Endorses Venezuelans Demand For Liberty

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January 24, 2019
Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

MIAMI – Florida Libertarians showed their solidarity with the Venezuelan liberty movement by endorsing Movimiento Libertario de Venezuela.

Brandi Hicks, Secretary for the Libertarian Party of Florida and mover of the motion, said it is important for all Libertarians to join the call for freedom worldwide.

“This resolution is modeled after one recently released by the Libertarian Party of Nevada,” said Hicks. “I had already been considering putting forth a motion, and when my friend Zach Foster from the LPNV approached me about adopting a similar resolution here in Florida, I took the opportunity. Since joining the liberty movement I’ve met some wonderful people in other countries such as Cuba, Uganda, Venezuela, etc. that aren’t as fortunate as we are here in America, but yearn for freedom and self-ownership just the same. I know it means a lot to them when we recognize their struggle and call attention to their situation.”

The LPF Resolution reads as follows:
Whereas the Libertarian Party of Florida stands in support of the Libertarian Movement of Venezuela;
Whereas the Libertarian Movement of Venezuela rejects the presidency of Nicolas Maduro as illegitimate and his reelection and inauguration to be equally illegal and illegitimate;

Whereas the Libertarian Movement of Venezuela endorses the National Assembly’s imminent selection of a provisional president for the sole purpose of peacefully forcing Maduro to resign immediately;

Whereas the Libertarian Movement calls on Maduro to renounce the presidency immediately and remove himself from government affairs;

Whereas the Maduro dictatorship has been denounced as illegitimate by the Libertarian parties or movements of Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile;

Whereas the Libertarian Party of Florida would immediately denounce a similar dictatorship and in a similar manner if it ever arose in the United States;

This Twentieth day of January, 2019, it is RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Florida and its body of members do not recognize Maduro’s right to the presidency nor the one-party state under the United Socialist Party that claims sovereignty over Venezuela, and we call on Maduro to step down;

Furthermore, it is RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party Florida hereby affirms its support for the Libertarian Movement of Venezuela, temporarily recognizes Alianza Soy Venezuela as the legitimate representative movement of the Venezuelan people, and will look to the Libertarian Movement to be our guides in which future Venezuelan governments and individual public servants have freedom’s best interests at heart.

The MLV can be contacted here: www.movimientolibertario.com.ve
Or on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/MovLibVzla/

– By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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