Florida Libertarians Find Success in Midterm Elections

Nov. 14, 2018
Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

MIAMI – With more than a half million votes cast for Florida Libertarians this week, state Chairman Marcos Miralles said the election was a success.


“The contributions from our volunteers and our donors have created an environment for the Libertarian Party of Florida to provide great results!” Miralles said today. “This year, Florida became the state with the most elected Libertarians in the United States and added to that number on election day to continue to not only be an example for other Libertarian state parties to learn from but also in giving our communities a voice for those who feel unheard.”

Unofficial results from Tuesday showed 557,142 votes were cast for Libertarian candidates, providing us with the following victories:

  • Michael Cassidy – Clay Soil and Water Conservation District Board.
Chipman (and family)
  • James Chipman – Bartram Springs Community Development District in Duval County.
  • Shawn Elliott – Indian River County Soil and Water Conservation District Board.
  • Larry Allen Schneck – Osceola County Soil and Water Conservation District Seat 3


These Libertarians were elected without opposition:

  • Wayne Barricklow – Martin County Soil & Water Conservation District 5
  • Martha Bueno – West Kendall Community Council
  • Samantha Bruntjen – Collier County Soil & Water Conservation District Group 3
  • David DeForest – Charlotte County Soil & Water Conservation District 2
  • Rob Tolp – Collier County Soil & Water Conservation District Group 5
  • Jose Vigoreaux Jr. – South Dade Soil & Water Conservation District, Seat 5
  • Thomas Warfel – Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District, Seat 1
  • Jeremy Weinstock – South Dade Soil & Water Conservation District, Seat 3


Elliott attributed his success to community activism. “Why did I win? My activism and involvement in my community,” he said. “It’s crucial.”


Cassidy admitted his win caught him by surprise. “I was definitely not expecting a win,” said Cassidy. “My opponent Richard Russell had great success at the position, so he had the edge in experience and knowledge.”

“I wasn’t able to advertise, based on the way that I filed,” said Cassidy. “I’m learning to run before I can walk when it comes to politics. I relied on personal contacts, word of mouth and networking with people in my immediate area.”

Elliott and Cassidy said they plan to make the Libertarian voice heard.

“My plans are to make sure we are operating efficiently with as little drain on the taxpayer as possible,” Elliott said.


“I aim to push the Clay Soil and Water Board into the tech age while maintaining the integrity of the seat,” said Cassidy.

Miralles said the Libertarian voice is growing. “Libertarians are now in positions to lead our communities, while also managing millions of dollars in municipal budgets. You wanted a viable third Party? Now you’ve got one.”

Miralles said recruiting for 2020 is underway. This past weekend, Councilwoman Courtney Omega of the Coconut Grove Village Council, announced her bid for U.S. House District 24.

Counties have until Nov. 18 to submit their final results to the Florida Department of State Division of Elections. Several counties are performing recounts, including hand counts.

– By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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