Libertarian DuBearn Appointed To Coconut Grove Village Council


July 31, 2018

Contact: Marcos Miralles,
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Florida

MIAMI – Sacha DuBearn, past Director for the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade, was sworn in as councilman on the Coconut Grove Village Council last night.

Bill Weld, Abigail DuBearn, Gary Johnson, Sacha Dubearn

DuBearn, a local entrepreneur, will complete a four-year term caused by a vacancy.

LPF Chairman and long-time DuBearn friend says the city is fortunate to have him serve.

2017 LPMD Fliers

“The DuBearns have been very supportive of the LPF, its candidates, and our vision to empower communities throughout the state, said Miralles. “It was an honor to have worked on his campaign in Miami, and it is a privilege to consider the DuBearns not only friends in liberty, but family when away from the political playing field.”

DuBearn is an active member of the Miami-Dade affiliate, both as a contributor and frequent host to fundraisers in the home he shares with his wife Abigail. The DuBearns regularly participate in community causes, especially many West Grove neighborhood projects.

“Sacha DuBearn on the Coconut Grove Village Council is a win for Libertarians across the country, but most importantly, a win for the West Grove community, a community that has been abandoned by the city of Miami for far too long,” Miralles said.

DuBearn moved to Coconut Grove in the 1990s following a devastating car accident which led him to become a life-long advocate for beneficial uses of marijuana and cannabinoids. Also a longtime advocate of environmental issues in his town, DuBearn was the only 2017 candidate pledging to investigate the dumping of toxic waste in residential neighborhoods by the City of Miami.

— By J. Mark Barfield, Staff Writer

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