Wiseman To Face Caballero In Primary


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Riquet Caballero, for Governor of Florida

MIAMI — The bid to become the first Libertarian Governor of Florida became a race with today’s campaign opener of Riquet Caballero of North Miami Beach.

Caballero, 30, faces Randy Wiseman, 68, of Mt. Dora. Primary qualifying begins June 18 and ends June 22. Statewide Primary elections are Aug. 28.

Cabellero says Libertarians should lead in recapturing the state from over-sized and over corrupt government. “I was born in Cuba. I saw firsthand the tragedy of big government dictatorship, and I have witnessed the beauty of capitalism on our side of the water,” says Caballero.

“Having a primary is an exciting moment for the Libertarian Party of Florida. Tens of thousands of otherwise disenfranchised voters will be able to come out and participate in the August primary,” said Marcos Miralles, LPF Chairman. “The decision on who will represent us in this Gubernatorial Election is now in the hands of the voters. But whoever wins this primary is certain to be the best choice for all voters who wish to make Florida an environment for people to thrive.”

Caballero is a risk analyst with Visa, Inc. He has served as a state delegate of the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade since 2016. He is an Executive Committee member of the Afro Cuban Forum and a Board member of the Black Affairs Advisory Board.

Wiseman, 68, is past Chairman of the Lake County School Board, and owner of Wiseman Realty. Wiseman said Tuesday he was pleased the race has grown. “I’d heard he was considering running,” Wiseman said. “The more the merrier.”

Cabellero said his campaign is focused on the individual residents and business owners. “I see our Sunshine State as one of the most beautiful places in the world,” he said. “Our diversity is unique, our economy is growing, and our people are welcoming.”

“We need to protect the freedoms we, as Floridians, have. And this is why I’m running for Governor of this great state of Florida. In Tallahassee, I will fight to protect your Second Amendment rights, preserve your civil rights, hold our government officials accountable and promote a free and safe Sunshine State.

“Together, we can harness the powers of free minds and free markets and show the rest of our nation that Florida can show the way.”

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