LPF Chairman Miralles Unveils “First Step” – 2018

For Immediate Release – April 29, 2018

Miami – Florida Libertarians are broadening the reach of the Libertarian message via the state’s “First Step” candidate recruitment program, state party Chairman Marcos Miralles said Saturday.

More than 50 LPF members have offered to run for local and regional offices Miralles said during the “Conversation with the Chair” Facebook event Saturday. First Step volunteers get the full support of the state party.

“We will support you, we will run your campaign, we will make sure you qualify,” Miralles said. “All you have to do is take part in this wave of Libertarians that can influence things around us.”

First Step seeks to fill vacancies in “lowest” levels of the state’s elected office including the boards of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Community Development Districts. More than 70 percent of these boards are vacant, he said. Filling these seats, Miralles told viewers, offers the greatest opportunity to introduce Libertarianism to the public. It is the actions taken by these boards that affect people’s lives, not politics.

“What matters is those in positions of power who put pen to paper and have an influence on all of our lives,” he said. The message of “you owning yourself and being able to live your life and do things as you please without hurting others, these are very important messages to promote,” he said.

Marc Golob, chairman of the LPF Fundraising Committee, said he’s been concentrating his efforts on fundraising from fellow EC members as well as “heavy hitters.”

“It’s very important for us to be fully engaged financially, Golob said. “A monthly reoccurring contribution to the LPF is vital to our movement forward. If that doesn’t happen, then I can’t really expect people outside that inner circle to contribute in an even bigger way.”

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