Folsom Opposes Gun Show Ordinance


Tallahassee, Fla. – LPF Region 3 Representative Joshua Folsom told Leon County Commissioners their proposed “gun-show loophole” ordinance infringed on the rights of law-abiding gun owners while offering little additional safety.

Despite opposition from the overflow audience April 10, commissioners voted 6-1 to approve the new provisions, which prevent private transfer of firearms on any public accessible property including gun shows and garage sales, includes non-violent criminal history in background checks and requires a three-day waiting period on all purchases. It exempts CWP owners from the background checks.

A Leon County Sheriff’s Office analysis found several of the provisions would be difficult to enforce, including possession of a firearm while walking across the parking lot of a gun show. Sheriff Walt McNeil has said he lacks the staffing to police the provisions.

Folsom told commissioners the ordinance represents politics, not solutions.

“The body has not convinced me of any evidence in the agenda item that this addresses any need of our community,” Folsom said to commissioners. “These are the actions of people stuck in a resentful and contentious relationship with the people they claim to represent. It is clear to me that you resent this process, and us.”

Many of the 172 attendees opposed the ordinance, many noting it makes it illegal to exchange weapons in a parking lot. Several clergy spoke in favor comparing firearms to “idol worship.”

Folsom said the ordinance represented another example of officials making political capital from tragic events, not finding solutions to them.

“This is a victory lap for local officials on SB 7026,” Folsom said. “It has nothing to do with facts, reason, even safety. It has everything to do with opportunism, and emboldened politicians; which so far has brought out nothing but ugly behavior in our elected officials.”

CS / SB 7026, the “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act,” was passed last month and limits gun sales to 21 years and older, bans possession of “bump stocks,’ and other provisions.

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Author: J Mark Barfield

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