The Libertarian Party of Florida, First and Strongest Voice Against Hate-filled Groups

A Statement From Chairman Miralles

“The Libertarian Party of Florida has been, since its creation in the 1970s, the first and strongest voice against white supremacists and other hate-filled groups. We have always taken a stance for civil liberties, for criminal justice reform, for the rights of every individual to exist and prosper in the Sunshine State.

The events in Virginia are tragic and a shocking resemblance to the past of an America that we have done our best to correct. The Virginia monsters may have been U.S. Citizens, but in no way were their hearts and minds American.

We condemn what happened in Virginia. We condemn the activities of any group that may have been linked with the white supremacist movement. And while we believe in freedom of speech, we applaud the free market decisions by Facebook, Google, Zoho’s, and GoDaddy to crack down on neo-Nazi speech.

We were also saddened to see how involved a certain former Florida Senate candidate was in these events. But I am also happy to remember that Florida Libertarians, at the tune of 76% of the vote, rejected what many saw calls to violence. This man has, since then, joined his true political home, the Republican Party.

The Libertarian Party of Florida will forever remain the safest home for all of those that fight for civil rights, for the beauty of the peace that a free market can provide, and for civil discourse. Any attempt to turn our party otherwise will be met with strong and firm opposition, not only from our leadership, but also from the tens of thousands of Libertarians in Florida that joined this party to show their opposition to hate.
Hatred has no room in our world.”

– Marcos Miralles, LPF Chairman

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