Libertarian Party of Florida Announces Results of 2017 Convention & Officer Elections

For Immediate Release May 7, 2017

Alison Foxall
Libertarian Party of Florida
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Libertarian Party of Florida Announces Results of Annual Convention & Officer Elections

Miami, Fla – The Libertarian Party of Florida held their annual convention May 5-7, 2017 in Cocoa Beach with an all time record-breaking attendance of 170. Delegates from across the state elected persons for Chair, Vice Chair, and Director-at-Large seats 1 & 3.

The following statewide seats were elected to two-year terms:

  • Chair—Marcos Miralles of Hialeah
  • Vice Chair—Omar E. Recuero of Hollywood (re-elected)
  • Director-at-Large 1—Alison Foxall of Sarasota (re-elected)
  • Director-at-Large 3—Greg Peele of Orlando

The following Regional Representatives were also announced to one-year terms:

  • Region 1    Raymond McGee
  • Region 2    Anna Marie Morris (I)
  • Region 3    Joshua Folsom (I)
  • Region 4    Ryan Ramsey (I)
  • Region 5    Joe Martin
  • Region 6    Kristen Daniel
  • Region 7    Paul Stanton (I)
  • Region 8    John D. Pierce
  • Region 9    George Lebowitz (I)
  • Region 10  Char-Lez Braden
  • Region 11  Shawn Elliot
  • Region 12  Rob Tolp
  • Region 13  Karl Dickey (I)
  • Region 14  Steven Nekhaila (I)

About the Libertarian Party of Florida: The Libertarian Party of Florida values human life and the right of all people to live in peace. All members of the LPF are required to declare “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals” thus putting the LPF far out in front of any other party’s commitment to nonviolent political action.


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