SB 140 Florida Open Carry (2017)

SB 140-Openly Carrying a Handgun

General Bill by Greg Steube (Rep) Dist. 23, Senator’s website

Related bills: HB 6001 Concealed Weapons and Firearms HB 6005 Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms

Schedule: Filed, Assigned Judiciary Scheduled Jan 10 2 pm, Governmental Oversight and Accountability, and Rules

Title: Openly Carrying a Handgun: Authorizing a compliant licensee to openly carry a handgun, etc.

Precis: An act relating to openly carrying a handgun; amending s. 790.06, F.S.; authorizing a compliant licensee to openly carry a handgun; revising the list of specified locations into which a licensee may not openly carry a handgun or carry a concealed weapon or firearm; reenacting s. 790.053(1), F.S., relating to the open carrying of weapons, to incorporate the amendment made to s. 790.06, F.S., in a reference thereto; providing an effective date.

LP Principles: LPF Platform Art. IV, Public Safety Sect. 1.  Law enforcement cannot guarantee individual safety. Self protection is a personal responsibility. All individuals have the right to defend themselves and to possess the means to do so, as guaranteed by both the federal and state Constitutions.

LRC Recommendation:  Favorable – Recommend Support

LRC Commentary:  The bill is mostly very straightforward, allowing a concealed carry holder to carry openly a handgun whenever and wherever concealed carry is allowed. In addition, it adds some language for both regarding the accepted manner to carry in a courthouse, deletes and lifts the prohibition to carry in a governmental meeting, elementary, secondary, and school administrative building, career center, college and university, and all parts of an airport except the sterile area.   This is an ambitious bill that appears to incorporate and incorporate a number of favorable bills from the 2016 session.

This bill clearly restores many reasonable unalienable rights as guaranteed in the US Constitution. It reduces problems for concealed carry holders who have had to be continually concerned about an accidental exposure of a firearm.

Conclusion:  We are wholly in favor of this bill and recommend a press release and lobbying efforts on its behalf.

Analysis by Suzanne Gilmore for the LPF Legislative Review Committee, 01/05/2017

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