The Libertarian Party of Florida is ON FIRE!



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by: Raquel Okyay

LPF Hosts National Convention in Orlando 

One Thousand and Five delegates representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia chose with more than 49 percent of the vote, the LP’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates: Former NM Governor Gary Johnson; and Former MA Governor, Bill Weld.

GaryJohnsonWins“The LP convention was a great success,” said LPF State Chairman Char-Lez Braden. “It fired up the party and resulted in the most qualified presidential ticket of any party.” He said the LPF sees this optimal ticket as leverage for the state party in the months to come.

“I got the impression and heard from others, that this was the most attended convention in LPF history,” said Macy John, LPF Social Media Manager. “The LNC did an outstanding job at putting this convention together.” So did the state party, she said.

“We handed out over 250 press passes,” she added. “The Party did a great job at conveying the liberty message to newcomers.”

Braden said the LP convention ended up in Orlando mostly through the work of former Vice Chair, Vicki Kirkland.

“Thank you Vicki!” he said. “Having the LP convention here in Florida made the LP and LPF more visible to local Floridians.” Enrollment, donations, and energy are on the rise, he said. “I’ve seen a dramatic increase in people reaching out and asking how to become involved.”

Braden said there is a difference between the way the LP has a convention, and the way the other parties do it. “The LP convention is not a show, but an actual convention,” he said. “Unlike the old parties, that have their nominees known well in advance, our party lets the delegates at the convention actually represent their constituents, as opposed to simply be a TV spectacle and photo-op.” Also he said the LP picks both the president and vice president nominees independently. “ That’s a big difference too.”

NationalConventionChairNicholas Sarwak, Chairman of NLP, said the American people are thirsty for another option.

“Large blocks of Americans feel cheated,” he said. “Every single American will have the option to chose an alternative to the two candidates they hate.”

John, who is a marketing specialist from Ft. Lauderdale, said there is certain momentum occurring in the Libertarian Party. “How could there not be? We have two of the most polarizing disliked candidates as the frontrunners for the Democrat and Republican parties.”

She called Republican Donald J. Trump an authoritarian crony-capitalist and warmonger, and Democrat Hillary Clinton a disliked figure with a steady 56 percent disapproval rate. “This could be the year of the Libertarian Party!” She said there is no doubt she is supporting the Johnson/ Weld ticket.

“They may not be 100% in line with the libertarian philosophy, but they bring a pragmatic tone that will entice voters to vote Libertarian this year,” said John. “We have to use this momentum to promote our state and local candidates’ campaigns as well.” She said the more Libertarians who run for public office, the more votes the LPF receives.

“Baby steps,” she said. “We will eventually get everyone the freedoms they want and deserve.”

Today’s LPF is on fire, said Braden. “Get your work clothes on! We’re all about to be very busy.”

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