Florida Libertarians nominate Gary Johnson as their presidential pick

Libertarians nominate Gary Johnson as their presidential pick
Libertarian National Convention in Florida is largest in party history

Orlando, FL (May 31, 2016) – Libertarian delegates from all over the nation gathered to select their nominees for President and Vice President for the upcoming 2016 election. On Sunday, May 29th, the delegates selected former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for their presidential candidate, and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld for their vice presidential candidate.

“Floridians that want fiscal responsibility, sound international policy, and government out of their personal affairs, now have that choice in the Johnson/Weld ticket. They bring a tremendous amount of government experience being former governors.” said Char-Lez Braden, Chair of the LPF.

The 2016 Libertarian National Convention was most well attended convention in the history of the party. Nearly 1,000 delegates were present during the selection process. The convention was also attended by different people from various states who were not delegates. There were vendors, student organizations, women’s rights organizations along with various pro-liberty organizations. The convention was covered by both local and major media–over 250 media outlets–during most of the convention, including the presidential debate, which was televised live on C-SPAN.

Membership numbers for the Libertarian Party have dramatically increased over the past two years as have the number of registered Libertarian voters. The diversity of the party has has also increased and that diversity could be seen throughout the weekend. Overall, the popularity of the party has never been higher. This comes at a time when, the overall lack of popularity among the Democrat and Republican parties is at an all time low. Statistically speaking, various polls, search queries and social media trends say more and more voters are seeking a third option.

Currently, the Libertarian Party is the ballot in 32 states, which include Florida. Because of hard work by Libertarians here in Florida, ballot access is constitutional. Throughout the weekend, the Libertarian Party fundraised hundreds of thousands of dollars to continue to fund efforts to secure ballot access in all 50 states. The Libertarian Party is the only other party that will be on the ballot in all 50 states. It is simply a matter of time to make it official.

Make no mistake, the National convention was a historic event and this year the party will shake up the political landscape of this country. We believe that our candidates can and will be elected all over the country. The party is very financially sound and the number of registered Libertarian voters is higher than ever, here in Florida and across the U.S. Even if we not are victorious at our bid for the White House, we will leave an everlasting impact.


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