Super Tuesday Wrap-Up

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By: William Horowitz

Tuesday, March 15th was “Super Tuesday 3” where five States: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri had their Presidential Primary. On the Democrat Side, I am NOT surprised that Hillary Clinton won Florida and North Carolina. I expected that.

I AM surprised that Hillary Clinton, given how Bernie Sanders won Michigan and how Michigan is similar to the state of Ohio, won the Ohio Primary. I thought Bernie Sanders would have won Ohio, but it turns out that Hillary Clinton won Ohio. Illinois could have gone either way. Ultimately, Hillary won the state of Illinois. It certainly helps that Hillary is originally from Chicago. I thought Bernie Sanders would have won Missouri, given that Bernie won Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Even though it was too close to call, ultimately, Hillary also won Missouri. In the end, Hillary won ALL five states.

On the Republican Side, Donald Trump won the Northern Mariana Islands Republican Caucus. Donald Trump won with 73 percent followed by Ted Cruz at 24 percent of the Vote. Donald Trump won North Carolina with 40 percent with Ted Cruz getting 36 percent of the Vote. Donald Trump won Illinois with 38 percent and Ted Cruz getting 30 percent of the vote.

In Florida, Donald Trump defeated Senator Marco Rubio with 45 percent to 27 percent of the vote. Senator Marco Rubio ended his Presidential campaign that evening. Senator Marco Rubio is a good man and he will have a future in politics. He will be back, don’t count him out.

John Kasich got his FIRST Victory in this primary season. John Kasich won his State of Ohio with 46 percent of the vote with Donald Trump not too far behind him with 35 percent of the vote. Missouri was too close to call but ultimately, Donald Trump won Missouri with 40.9 percent to Ted Cruz 40.7 percent of the vote.

Although Ted Cruz did not win a state, He does get more delegates. The other thing to mention is that Florida and Ohio are winner take all meaning that John Kasich got ALL 66 delegates as a result of his victory in Ohio and Donald Trump gets ALL 99 delegates as a result of his victory in Florida.

In conclusion, Donald Trump is still the frontrunner with Ted Cruz still in second place. The field has gotten smaller with three candidates with John Kasich in last place and Marco Rubio out of the race. Today, Tuesday, March 22, will be American Samoa on the Republican side and the Idaho Caucus on the Democrat side. Utah and Arizona primary for BOTH parties will also be today, Tuesday March 22. We will have to see what happens.



William Horowitz is a political researcher, writer, and identifies himself as a “Libertarian Conservative Republican”.  Bill is a Republican Party Committeeman from New York’s 24th Assembly District.

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