No Rulers! The Way to Liberty


By: Greg Bowen

While the country breaks down and political rallies turn to violence, the people are rallying in support of their chosen sides. More vitriol is spewed forth, and the cacophony grows to deafening proportions. It saddens me to see libertarians choosing either side in all this. Some may just have sympathy for the candidates having to go through this.

There is no need to sympathize with either side. This is what we, as libertarians, have been warning people about all along. The violent masses are manipulated by the rulers into squabbling over the scraps their masters allow them to have. The system of control manipulated by power mongers is coming to its only conclusion, running the same cycle it always has.

As libertarians, we are the evolution of political thought. We seek a world without rulers. A world where the masses of people are truly free to think and act for themselves. A world where there is no centralized power to the scale that causes this. We d not want you in danger because any cult of personality has enough power to control millions of people and use their force to deprive you of your rights or your property.

The people on both the Left and the Right in the U.S. are responsible for this. Joining in with their violent power grabs, justifying their violent power grabs, or engaging in violence against them to achieve our political and social goals is the antithesis of libertarianism. We are here to offer a better way. Freedom. Liberty. No rulers. No oppression under the political ideologies of another.

The reason we disagree with both the Left and the Right is that at some point in their philosophy on the role of government, they believe that it should be used to impose their political ideology on others. They may have the best of intentions. They may truly think they just know better than you. That if only their ideas were the ones everyone had to abide by, everything would be just fine. But some point in their philosophy, it is okay for them to rule you, to deprive you of your freedom or your property, to claim ownership over you and your right to self determination.

The people who truly believe in allowing peaceful people to live in freedom without the aggressive force of government and all of its violent arms, from the military to the street level protest thugs, are here and offering a better way. A true philosophy of peace and freedom. Our battlefield is one of ideas. Our ammunition is offering you your freedom, and seeking to take over the government to leave you alone.

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