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2016 is one of the most exciting opportunities for the LPF in a long time, if not forever. Many of you have heard me say “My world ends at the state line”, and as chair of the LPF indeed my primary concern is whatever happens inside Florida. However, I am not blind to external forces. The presidential election is our biggest opportunity to advance freedom inside Florida, and I intend to capitalize on it.

The old parties are busy doubling down on crazy candidates and even crazier economics. The gig is up. The people are on to them, and the unrest is growing.

We have the message people are yearning for, and candidates that will be championing the message like never before.

Voters will grow angrier as November approaches. After the election, we either have a Libertarian in the white house, or an old party statist and an even angrier electorate.

This is nothing but a huge opportunity for us to reach out and recruit voters like never before.

We still have much to do to make this happen.

The LPF is building a network that fosters relationships with new voters as they become aware of the message of freedom. We have to be tolerant and understand that only a precious few of these will be well versed in what it means to be free. Most voters do not even have a vocabulary to properly express their outrage. They do not have a cultural or intellectual perspective of what it means to be free. It is up to us to patiently guide them.

We have to be there with open arms to welcome them, and also with a clear vision of Liberty. Considering the state of current politics, simply demanding strict adherence to the constitution would advance liberty enough, and free enslaved minds enough, that other steps can then be honestly sought afterwards.

Thankfully, this is not a hard sell. Most people believe in the ideas of the constitution, and it is our job to provide leadership to help them understand they can live it as well.

The human spirit yearns to be free. The LPF is the only party in Florida that advocates the principles of freedom. We have to be ready to help them transition from the mindset of slave, to sovereign.

The LPF is building an educational base to train the next generation of leaders that will receive these lost voters and guide them.

A determined and focused group can accomplish anything. We are exactly that. Therefore I call upon all who yearn to be free to join me in pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to this effort. Even as we shall not always see eye to eye on every topic, we join each other hand in hand to build the party the LPF needs to be to welcome freshly freed minds in the cause of real liberty.

The Quill is focused on spreading the message of liberty, and encouraging those already doing the work.

It is with great satisfaction, and anticipation of great things to come in 2016, that the Quill is launched.

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