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Dear friends,

Welcome to the First Edition of The Quill, the official newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Florida!

It was 16 days ago when I participated on a conference call with the LPF Leadership to describe what I had in mind for an official Newsletter. Once I got the approval to move forward, the fast-track launch date commenced – March 8.

The first item on the agenda was to find a title, so I recruited my FB friends to make suggestions. We received 25 submissions. I took those titles and asked my FB friends, again, to choose their top two. Hence the WINNER “The Quill” submitted by Suzanne Gilmore, LPF Secretary, thank you! Joshua Knezinek’s “Liberty Ledger” and Paul Rusin’s “Veritas & Libertas” were tied for a close-second.

The buzz we created about our new title was the means to soliciting writers and volunteers to help. We hit the jack-pot with Gabriel Wozniak stepping-up to provide the graphic art, which is beautiful! His logo design is first of many more to come, including a brand new banner being revealed in Vol. II. The Quill official logo has an, obscurely located, Lady Liberty – excellent idea! It is so well placed, that I didn’t see it, until Gabriel pointed it out to me. Good luck finding Lady Liberty!

Our TOP story is “LPF State Convention in Beautiful Palm Beach!” written by Joseph Wendt. LPF’s convention is coming-up next month. We encourage everyone to attend. Mark your calendars for April 8-10 and find out all the details right here at The Quill. The Tampa City Council did something right by decriminalizing possession of pot – 20 grams, last week. But, there’s a long way to go before true freedom on this issue comes to fruition. Read Kevin O’Neil’s “WE WIN! Tampa City Council Decriminalizes Marijuana” for a complete analysis.

Libertarian presidential nominee, Austin Petersen, was in Polk County last month speaking to Libertarians about his official platform. Amanda Gluck provides us with the details. During his speech, Petersen suggests that certain situations may preclude libertarians from adhering to NAP, such as with instances of child abuse. In contrast, Lauren Anthony explains some of the inherent defects of Florida’s child protection laws in “Why ‘Best Interest’ is not Always Best Interest”. She said lawmakers make “knee-jerk” decisions that don’t work in the best interest of families.

This has been a fabulous 16 days of preparation for me. I look forward to the results.

In Liberty,

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