Libertarian Party of Polk County Hosts Austin Petersen

Photo Courtesy: Amanda Gluck
Photo Courtesy: Amanda Gluck

By: Amanda Gluck, Chair of Communications at the Libertarian Party of Polk County, FL

On Monday, February 22nd, one of our Libertarian presidential nominees, Austin Petersen, joined the Libertarian Party of Polk County’s local affiliate group as a guest speaker to give a speech on his viewpoints and ideas, and elaborate on why he would be our best presidential candidate. The group was eager to hear his plans, ideas, and visions for our America, and how he would compare to Gary Johnson or John McAfee. Through his speech, it has become immensely clear Austin Petersen is a fresh face with a dynamic and spirited outlook for the future of our country, with himself as president.

At the minimum age to be president, Petersen is undoubtedly brimming with ideas and passion to ensure the prosperity of America. Along with his youthful enthusiasm, he currently runs one of the most popular Libertarian news websites, “The Libertarian Republic”. This candidate knows business; he has been familiar with economics and work ethic since he was young. He spent many of his summers as a child planting, harvesting, and selling chrysanthemum flowers to the citizens of his town. He stated that this helped instill the value of hard work into him. When he grew older, he graduated high school in the National Honors Society, obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, and became a profound and award-winning playwright. Eventually, he went on to become producer for “FreedomWatch” on Fox Business Network, and later became their Director of Production.

Some principles and beliefs Petersen stands on are the restoration of our core Bill of Rights, the preservation of and adherence to our Constitution, protection from foreign threats, the inevitability of basic human rights, the initiation of greater economic freedoms, and the presence of the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle), though the list could continue. He believes that the citizens have the responsibility and privilege of keeping their government in check, and resolving issues with it as necessary. As president, Petersen hopes to restore checks and balances on the executive branch, and broaden economic opportunity for the people, leading toward a free-market-type economy. He has also stated he would defend our freedom of speech and right to privacy against irrational, arbitrary, and/or nonconsensual search and seizure attempts.

Though Petersen stands by personal and economic liberties, and states he will do anything in his power to uphold justice, there has been some controversy, lately, in the way he perceives the NAP. He told the Polk County affiliate that his “issue” with the NAP lies in specific circumstances where it would be questionably just, or perhaps, completely unjust, such as how a case of child neglect would be dealt with. He fears that the NAP would prevent an outside force from rescuing a child from the neglect; in other words, no one would be able to stop this child from being neglected if the parents or guardians did not, or even refused to. Would removing or assisting the child be an act of unnecessary force? He also wonders how one would view neglect: is an act of direct violence? Petersen also stated that he does not disapprove of the NAP, but rather questions its ethics in certain situations; he believes that skepticism is often necessary when attempting to fully understand the validity and reality of your views.

Austin Petersen has presented a strong energy and desire to shape this country into something better – a land where citizens are safe, prosperous, and happy due to the allowance of their personal and economic freedoms. There is no doubt that this candidate is principled, dedicated, and optimistic, but in order to get the nomination, he is going to have to deliver on his promises and offer a sense of security in his vote.

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