Joe Rant: Libertarian Debate in Biloxi

blowhornby: Joseph Wendt

As some of you may know, there was a Presidential debate in Biloxi, MS at the Mississippi-Alabama Joint State Convention that was streamed for every Libertarian’s enjoyment. There were many candidates seeking our party’s nomination in attendance. However, let’s be real, there were only five candidates people care about and wanted to hear from, so allow me to give you my perspective on them:

  • Marc Allan Feldman: Although he has encountered controversy over his “Kanye West for VP” stunt, he actually had a solid performance. He came off as professional, articulate, and presentable. He presented his take on the issues very well and is certainly a strong contender for the nomination
  • John McAfee: Strong and charismatic debate performance. He was articulate and compelling, including his personal stories of how US policy affected him and his family, winning applause throughout the debate. He came out as the most dynamic candidate in the debate
  • Austin Petersen: Better than expected. He gave a confident performance, however came off as Republican-lite. He did criticize Gary Johnson’s rant on Sharia during the debate, which won him points.
  • Gary Johnson: All I can say is WTF? He essentially repeated the same themes: He’s suing to get the Libertarian candidate into the Presidential debates and he was a former Governor. Unfortunately, he come off as wishy-washy on the issues and had a very nasty meltdown, going into a Trump-like rant regarding Sharia.
  • Darryl W. Perry: One of the strongest and most Libertarian performance in the debate. Darryl gave a strong Anarchist vision and promised to boldly represent Libertarian ideals. He even went as far as to admit that the ultimate goal is to dismantle the Federal Government. His passion and candor was quite refreshing.

To me, John McAfee and Darryl Perry won the debate. Both gave a superior performance and came off as ready for prime time. An exit poll of the debate audience was conducted and here are the results:

Name Vote Percent
Gary Johnson 45 38%
John McAfee 30 26%
Austin Petersen 20 17%
Darryl Perry 17 15%
Marc Feldman 5 4%
Total 117 100%

Although Johnson technically won the poll, his performance and the exit poll tally indicates that his status as the LP “frontrunner” is in serious jeopardy and the race to be the LP Presidential nominee is wide open.

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